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Explore the many dance styles we have to offer below. We also offer private tuition for students looking to get more from their dance training, to progress further in their examinations, or for those who want to develop their gymnastics/acrobatics and dance technique on a one-to-one basis. Please contact us to discuss or book private tuition.

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Learn gymnastic, acrobatic and tumbling skills whilst developing technique, flexibility and core strength through stretching and conditioning. Students with a flair for gymnastics will be invited to our intermediate class which focusses on learning more advanced tumbling and acrobatic skills with use of our air track.

Acrobatic Arts​ 

Classes will focus on students progressing through the 12 levels of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus via exams with the most comprehensive AcroDance program available worldwide. The program is based on five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.


Develop individual performance and style through street and commercial based routines to current urban and house music. Students are encouraged to progress through medal test examinations with the IDTA.


Learn tap technique, skill and rhythm whilst progressing through the IDTA syllabus.

Cheer Dance

Learn cheerleading motions, jump technique, kicks and turns. A fast-paced style performing with pom poms both individually and as part of a team.

Allstar Cheerleading

Save the pom poms for Cheer Dance! Allstar cheerleading requires mastering skills including tumbles, stunts, motions and jumps, which are packed into a 2 1⁄2 minute competition routine. A panel of cheerleading experts judge the teams according to their difficulty and execution. Allstar Cheerleading classes will include tumbling (gymnastic based), stunting, motions, dance, jumps, stretching and conditioning, whilst working towards routines to compete across the UK.


As the foundation of all dance, learn and understand classical ballet technique, whilst developing core strength and good posture. Classes focus on progressing through the IDTA syllabus.

Contemporary Modern Jazz​

Develop Contemporary Modern Jazz technique and style through the IDTA syllabus. Learn to leap, turn, and gain strength and flexibility whilst developing performance style through classic jazz and contemporary routines.

Preschool Gymnastics​ (Nursery - Year 2)

An introduction to gymnastic, acrobatic and tumbling skills, whilst developing technique, flexibility and core strength through stretching and conditioning.

Preschool Ballet​ (Nursery - Year 2)

An introduction to ballet technique, classical steps and characterisation. Classes are based around the IDTA preparatory ballet grade.

Preschool Pop​ (Nursery - Year 2)

A fun and upbeat class to current pop music, focussing on developing timing, rhythm and individual style. Students will progress into a street class once of age.

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